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Website Offers Fake Doctor Notes

Feeling like playing hooky, but nervous about getting caught? The Excused Absence Network has got your back.

For about $25, people can buy excuse notes that appear to come from doctors or hospitals. Options include a fake jury summons or an authentic-looking funeral service program complete with comforting poems and a list of pallbearers.

Some question whether the products are legal or ethical, but the company's owners say they're just helping people do something they would have done anyway.

"Millions of Americans work dead-end jobs, and sometimes they just need a day off," said John Liddell, co-founder of the Internet-based company Vision Matters, which sells the notes as part of its Excused Absence Network. "People are going to lie anyway. How many people go visit their doctors every day when they're not sick because they just need a note?"

Though the company's disclaimer advises the notes are "for entertainment purposes only," its Web site shows pictures of people sunbathing and playing golf using the fabricated excuses.

Video: Yahoo News
Source: Wfaa
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$25 thats allot of money for only $10 you can get the same thing at www.excusenotes.com worked like a charm for me!!!!!!!!!!

I think you get what you pay for when it comes to quality. I've visited all three sites, excusenotes.com, myexcusesabsence.com, and phoneyexcuses.com. I think phoneyexcuses.com was far and away the best. If the guy above me swears by excusenotes.com, that's fine, but I through their note looked very childish. I gladly paid $30 for my note. I wasn't going to risk my job with a bad looking slip

They're all garbage. Go to bestfakedoctornotes.com and get 12 kickass notes for 15 bucks. Excusenotes is a conman.

Agreed... bestfakedoctornotes.com is the best among others in terms of quality and price. They are even selling funeral pamphlet! What a F@#$%g great!!

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