A Crazy Swede on a Hamburger Diet

Erik says:

I’ve got a story about a man who has been on a strict hamburger diet for 83 days. My friend Johan has lost 60 pounds so far, the goal was 50 pounds in 90 days. It is a big thing in Sweden and he has a blog by the name of Minimize Me (instead of Supersize Me, of course)

Johan was standing on the scale and it wrote out 280 pounds. He is a stubborn and strong-headed man and couldn’t see himself eating Japanese sea weed or any other diet that you can find today. Johan also liked hamburgers. And it struck him he hadn’t heard of a hamburger diet before.

A doctor has checked him since the start. A personal trainer has helped him work out and he has been given the food by Max Hamburger restaurants, a Swedish fast food chain who put great effort in taking fat away from their menus. A scientist is right now thinking about writing a case of it to the leading medical journal in Sweden.

You can see pictures and read his blog MinimizeMe Johan want to inspire more people to loose weight. Motivation beats the actual content of the diet is the key message. For it to really work for a man with two kids, house, full time job it must be easy. And Johan has proved it works.

Thanks, Erik!

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Source: MinimizeMe
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