Doctors Find Toothbrush in Woman's Nose

The broken toothbrush and the womanDoctors at Sapna Health Care Hospital in Ghatkopar, who operated on a 31-year-old woman on Saturday, were shocked at what they saw lodged in her nose — a three-inch piece of a broken toothbrush!

The offending object had been lodged in the woman’s nasal cavity for two long months and had been causing her terrible pain.

The woman says, “Around two months ago as I was brushing my teeth, my husband accidentally pushed me and the toothbrush in my hand broke. I was left holding the lower portion of the brush but couldn’t locate the rest of it. Soon after, I started bleeding profusely from the nose,” she said. She visited the family doctor to stop the bleeding. “But since that day, I began getting breathless and a foul smelling discharge began to come out of my nose. I used to get restless gasping for breath sometimes,” she said.

Unable to take the discomfort anymore, the woman approached Dr Kaushal Sheth, an ENT surgeon, on October 8. The broken toothbrush showed up during a CT scan, shocking doctors.

Dr Kaushal Sheth, who performed the surgery, said: "The odour from her nose was so bad that it could be smelt from a distance of two feet. If the object had fallen into her windpipe, she could have choked to death."

Source: Mumbai Mirror
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