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Dog Survives Farmingville Fire by Hiding in Bathtub

JacksonDebbie Credidio's dog, Jackson, likes to chill out in the bathroom to escape the heat. That may have saved the 3-year-old Newfoundland's life Monday.

When fire broke out in the morning at Credidio's Farmingville house, Jackson jumped into the tub and put his nose in the drain. Firefighters Vince Egbert and Edgar Trejo pulled aside a shower curtain and found the dog "actually sucking air out of the drainpipe, which is an old-school thing that a fireman would do," Egbert said.

"That's what really saved him, was getting his snout as low as he could and finding the drainpipe."

Egbert said the 130-pound dog was trapped by intense heat for 40 minutes. "For a dog to make it through something like that was amazing," he said.

Jackson was unharmed, as was Credidio's mother, Marcia Kaye, 74, who escaped the blaze that all but destroyed the home. The cause was unknown Monday.

Source: Newsday
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