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Dogs Transporting Lettuce

lettuce-dogsThis is a cruel thing to do to an animal!

Here we get a glimpse into the secretive world of lettuce-transportation, as the lettuce-dogs of Fuzhou, China, go about their daily work.

While some parts of the world are shifting away from a dog-based model, and you will rarely see a lettuce-dog in the UK outside of Cumbria, China still transports over 99% of its lettuce by dog.

Note that the dog on the left is transporting what appears to be a courgette. This is normal for dogs who are still in their training period - 'pale fronds', in the jargon of lettucewrangling - or who have been demoted as a punishment for dumb insolence.

Source: Metro
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I don't mean to sound insensitive - I love animals, but wouldn't any other animal be just as cruel? Horses, donkeys and other animals conventionally reserved to do manual labor such as this. I feel that in the Western world, we are extremely close-minded in terms of social norms in treatment of animals. While we decry dogs getting eaten in Korea, we each chicken farmed in farms by the millions. Coming from an Eastern ethnicity living in Western culture, many social behaviors of the Western world are deemed much more cruel in its treatment of animals. Sometimes, perspective changes everything.

Well, you do have a point there!

Also, they might enjoy it.

Many dogs are couped up in the house alone for long periods of time.

Getting constant fresh air, having attention paid to them, and meeting new friends both animal and human may be very good for them. Surely better than being dog stew. heh

I have a very strong suspicion that this will turn out to be a hoax.

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