Dream Leads Woman to Missing Friend

SleepingA vivid dream led a Gift Lake woman to the High Prairie bush where she says she found a family friend who'd been missing for nearly a month.

Jamie Lynn Cunningham, 29, said she studied a sweater, missing poster and treaty card of Micheal Nahachick, 45, before going to bed Wednesday, dreamed he fell off a bridge in High Prairie, and found him in that exact place the following day.

Cunningham said "I've never had a dream like that. Sure enough he was lying down there on his stomach, covered in bedding. He couldn't walk or speak. I'm not sure if he fell like in my dream, but he was in the same place I saw him fall down to."

Nahachick was immediately taken to hospital and treated for dehydration and frostbite to his feet. He survived on rosehips and water.

Source: Cnews
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