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Expensive Painting Found In Cheap Pullout Couch

The pullout couchA painting worth more than $27,630 was found hidden in a pullout couch by a German student who purchased the sofa at a Berlin flea market for just over $215.

The student did not discover the painting until she unfolded the sofa at home, according to art auctioneers who handled the sale.

The 26-by-39-centimetre oil-on-shale painting was sold for the equivalent of $27,630 at a Hamburg art auction on the weekend, auction house Kunst Kettler said Monday.

According to the auction house, the piece titled "Preparation to escape to Egypt," was painted by an unknown artist close to Venetian painter Carlo Saraceni between 1605 and 1620.

Preparation to escape to Egypt
Source: Cbc
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It seems a worthy christmas gift. But am wondering who have hidden this pricey painting into that sofa.

I know finding a painting hidden in a pullout couch, supposedly by this German student who purchased the sofa at a Berlin flea market for just over $215, does sounds a little bit far fetch to most,.... but at the same time should help you in seeing how these MFA people really think. Maybe I myself had better start collecting up some of these great looking couches to resell, and for God sakes,..... after going through them first. Did you really have yourselves a good peak at this $215.00 pull-out couch?

Come to think of it,.... I'll take my own chances of finding them on the walls!


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