Fish Ate Much Larger Fish

The Snake Mackerel show coiled in the partially opened stomach of the Great Swallower.Local fisherman, McPherson ‘Dorson’ Wright recently landed a fish that may be heading into the world record books. Mr. Wright said that normally one expects ‘big fish to eat down the small fish”, but the hungry little fish broke that rule in a big way.

In the belly of the fish was another fish, and this one was clearly much bigger at more than four times its own length. The Great Swallower found off South Sound was just 7.5 inches in length. The fish it had eaten, an extremely aggressive snake mackerel, measured 34 inches, which is close to three feet in length.

Local Marine Scientist Phillippe Bush was in awe of the smaller fish’s appetite. “I would hate to see what a three–foot–long Great Swallower is capable of eating.”

Source: CayCompass via Neatorama
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