Frog with Eight Legs

Mutated FrogA strange bullfrog was discovered in Jiangnan Restaurant in Beijing, China.

On October 15, Mr Xia, the hotel chef, bought 40 bullfrogs which weigh about 5kg. While slaughtering the frogs the following day, staffs discovered this unusual eight-legged frog. All of a sudden, the small creature has become a ‘celebrity’ in the Restaurant.

This frog is quite similar to normal ones other than its additional limbs. Besides the normal limbs, it has two limbs which are about one-third of the normal size located near its rear legs. In addition, two tiny legs are located in the abdominal area.

Mr Xia said that he intends to continue feeding this strange bullfrog if there is research value. However, China Agricultural University experts say that this is most likely due to environmental pollution and it should be discarded.

Source: Aweb
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