Georgia Soldier Impaled by Live Grenade

Update: This video has been removed. You can find it here. Note that the video contains graphic images.

A Georgia soldier should be dead by all counts. And those who saved his life, did so knowing they might have died with him.

The soldier, Specialist Channing Moss of Georgia, was impaled with a live rocket propelled grenade, or RPG, during a bloody firefight in March 2006 in Afghanistan.

The RPG got lodged in his right thigh. Moss was nearly dead as an Army Blackhawk helicopter took him to the battalion aid station about 20 miles from the site of the ambush.

When Major John Oh, the 759th Forward Surgical Team Surgeon, saw the tail fin coming out of his leg, he yelled for everyone to get out.

"The guideline is you're not supposed to bring them to the aid station," said Dr. Oh. "You leave them outside and treat them like what we call an expectant patient. So you treat him like he's going to blow up."

Instead, Dr. Oh asked for volunteers to stay in the operating room and help him save Moss's life. Several soldiers raised their hands.

The surgery was a success. "I could have died at any time," said Moss. "I could have blew up and they could be missing arms and legs right now. They took the initiative. Thank God for those people. I owe them my life."

Video: MilitaryTimes
Source: NBC12
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