Ghost Haunts Kids' Playground

Haunted PlaygroundA ‘Haunted’ playground swing that rocks backwards and forwards on its own for days has scientists baffled.

Parents and children are convinced a ghost is to blame. They were so spooked they reported the swing to cops after it began moving four months ago.

The phenomenon flummoxed police, who called physics professors into Firmat, Argentina. But so far they have failed to find a logical explanation.

Locals claim the seat moves nonstop for ten days before stopping dead, while other swings remain still.

Academics have now ruled out magnetic and electrical fields, and winds – and called in ghosthunters.

Video after the jump.

Source: The Sun

Update: Mystery solved! A scientific explanation can be found here.

Thanks, Tom!

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Anonymous said…
omg that sounds really creepy but if ghost hunters are going there they might know if ther is ghosts there or not gd luck to 'em its a coincedence that its like nearlly halloween aswell... xXsallyXx
Tom said…
It's called "mechanical resonance" caused by the wind. Lousy scientists over there... (See video for an explanation)