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Girl, 3, Lone Survivor of Plane Crash

Crash siteThe Cessna 172 was on its way to Edmonton on Sunday when it took off from Golden around 1 p.m. into low clouds and snow. Visibility was poor. An hour later, the Search and Rescue Centre in Victoria picked up the aircraft's emergency locator transmitter signal from somewhere near the Blaeberry River.

Kate WilliamsRescuers who helped find a three-year-old girl alive in the crumpled wreckage of an airplane in the rugged British Columbia mountains say they knew she was ok when she cried for her teddy bear.

The girl, Kate Williams, miraculously survived the crash on Sunday because she was strapped into a child's car seat, said Mike Plonka, a member of Golden's search-and-rescue team. Her pilot grandfather, Allen D. Williams, 65, and Steven T. Sutton, died in the accident.

The plane was found nose down and flipped over in the icy water on the edge of a riverbank.

The girl, who suffered head injuries but was listed as stable, was reunited with her parents.

Video after the jump.

Video: Cbc (Wmv)
Source: Globe & Mail & The Record
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