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Girl Gets Stuck In Drain

Chanelle Edwards stuck in a drainFirefighters drilled through a pavement to free a 10-year-old Liverpool girl trapped in a drain outside her home.

Chanelle Edwards fell down the hole as she played in Lavender Way, Walton, and became stuck up to her waist. When her mother and neighbours failed to haul Chanelle out they called firefighters.

The crews used drills to break up the pavement around the grid and remove the cast iron surround.

Chanelle Edwards
Chanelle, who started to panic during her hour-long ordeal, was eventually lifted to safety. She suffered cuts and bruises to her side and was treated at the scene by paramedics.

Firefighters said the grid cover was broken some time ago and a piece of cardboard placed over the hole as a temporary measure.

Gary Leith from Merseyside Fire Service’s search and rescue team, said: “It was a small hole but big enough for a small girl to fall down.” It was dangerous situation and she was lucky not to escape with more serious injuries.

Source: Liverpool Echo
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