'Incredible Hulk' Royal Marine Lifts Two-Ton Truck To Save Comrade

Carl Tatton (left), Mark Farr (right)A heroic marine sergeant lifted a two-ton truck with his bare hands while under fire to save a comrade who was seconds from drowning.

Carl “Tatts” Tatton found incredible strength to shift the lorry after it was thrown into a ditch by an exploding shell and landed on a soldier trying to scramble out.

Despite being under intense mortar fire from Afghan rebels, the 38-year-old colour sergeant risked his life to help his injured colleague.

Col Sgt Tatton said “The truck toppled over into a deep stream and Marine Farr was pinned down about three feet under water and was seconds from drowning. I jumped in and tried to lift his head up but realized I’d have to lift the truck. I grabbed the roll bar and lifted it up enough to release him.” Col Sgt Tatton – who was then serving with J Company, 42 Commando – said the mortar attacks lasted for 12 hours.

Fellow commando Mark, who has made a full recovery, has dubbed Sgt Tatton “The Incredible Bulk” for his amazing strength. He said: “Without Tatts I’d have drowned.

The truck that flipped
Source: Daily Express
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