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Killer Bass

This dude built a 17,000 watt audio system in his car. That's way beyond loud. I don’t think this car is going to last long.

Video: YouTube
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This is a perfect example of what my mother used to call "idiocy gone to seed".

I couldn't agree more!

actually i couldnt disagree more. it takes a very narrown minded person to call this idiocy, because what you dont realize is there is an entire culture of car audio enthusiasts out there that have respect for other people and build these types of vehicles to only use in competition. most of the time they dont even put big stereos in their daily drivers. before you jump to judgement ask someone or do some research. you might be surprised at some of the respectful people you find that are into this hobby.

This cars going to fall apart......Its a FORD, its definitely going to fall apart..........:P

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