Large Egg Comes Out Of Ordinary-Sized Chicken

EggA chicken-keeper made an egg-traordinary find when she went to clean her birds one day.

Marianne Hills, from Welwyn, was shell-shocked to discover an egg double the size of the usual ones sitting in the straw of the pen.

The egg-static mother-of-four, who owns 70 birds, said: "Every once in a while you get an egg like this when the chickens are learning to lay.

"These can include chickens laying yolks with no shell or eggs with no yolk, but this is our only unusual egg this year."

Marianne decided it was too big to be used for breeding, in case a deformed chick was born. She gave it to their neighbour, 12-year-old Thomas Deans, who also shares their love of chickens.

"He wanted to try and hatch it," she said. "But in the end he ate it and had fried egg for breakfast. It was a double yolker.

Source: Whtimes
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Beatrice M said…
Yup - that happens. I took a photo of eggs my mother collected July 2007 in California.
Spluch said…
That's a cool picture! :)