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Look What I Took On My Mobile

skyline of ManhattanThey are words to strike fear into anyone's heart ... 'Come and look at the pictures on my mobile phone'. It is usually a cue for a selection of grainy, low-res holiday snaps or blurry shots of a drunken night out.

But, if the snapper is acclaimed photographer and artist Henry Reichhold, then prepare to be impressed.

These images are up to 7m (23ft) wide panoramas, taken in nine cities on five continents with a Nokia N95 phone. Reichhold took the pictures by using sequential firing to get six shots in a row, building up 30 images of the sky, each with one-third overlap.

He avoided flare by shooting with the Sun behind a cloud if possible. The city part of the picture is photographed in the same way, in about 50 shots.

No tripod is needed – just a steady hand. Photoshop and other software is employed to stitch the scene together on a computer.

The pictures are featured in his Connected World exhibition – which runs in 'real' and 'virtual' format.

The live exhibition starts on October 24 at the Royal Albert Hall and is viewable during events and open days until November 6, while the Internet viewing is on Nokia Island in Second Life.

Some examples of his work can be seen after the jump.

Source: Henry Reichhold via Metro
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That's crazy. Why would anyone do that when he could easily use a good DSLR?

The artist says that he used a cell phone instead because:

It was small and convenient to carry around.

I think that does make sense given the fact that digital cameras are much more bulky compared to cell phones... On the other hand he might just be hired secretly by Nokia for this publicity stunt...

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