Man Steamed Alive For 45 Minutes, Survives the Experience

CookedA medium who claimed that he had been possessed by the Monkey God sat in a covered wok of boiling water and withstood the steam-filled environment for 45 minutes.

By the time the extra-tall lid of the wok was removed, the five frozen whole chickens which had been placed in the wok had already been thoroughly cooked. However, not only was the medium unhurt, he even expressed his dissatisfaction in Hokkien, saying that his master had opened the lid too early. The 300 believers who witnessed the sight were amazed.

The event (which took place in Ipoh) was officiated by Grandmaster Qingshui from Bahau. He was accompanied by two disciples – Xia Fuan and Xia Fulai. It was 52-year-old Xia Fuan who had sat inside the covered wok of boiling water, braving the scalding steam for 45 minutes.

Qingshui said that this skill could be taught to outsiders and even girls. However, to date he has only taught it to the 2 brothers Xia Fuan and Xia Fulai.

Source: Kooky via UniqueDaily
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