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Missile Parts Found In Junk Car

Charles Woodworth bought a beat up car from the Norfolk impound lot only to discover it was worth much more when he found military parts in the trunk.

It's not what most people would call their dream car -- a busted windshield, a rusted motor and an interior weathered by time. In fact, some would call this 1965 Nova a piece of junk. Woodworth bought the Nova at a Norfolk city impound auction for $625.00.

"When I first entered the trunk it was full of stuff," added Woodworth. "There was clothes, old coats, socks, different things and the box was actually sitting on the top, right in the middle here."

However it wasn't your ordinary box. When Charles took a closer look, he noticed it was marked for the Ministry of Defense in Kuwait.

"I looked at it and started reading and it said motor impeller assembly," said Woodworth. "I thought, 'Wow, interesting.'"

The sealed box was supposed to go to Raytheon Technical Services in Norfolk. The item, which likely contains military parts, may be worth more than $21,000 and repairs made on it are estimated at $7,400. To make things more confusing there are both UPS and Fed Ex shipment labels on it.

"It must be pretty important, because Raytheon wants it back," said Woodworth.

Video: LiveLeak
Source: Ksn
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