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More links for 10 oct 2007

With the push of a button, the house opens in 90 seconds like a flower and transforms from a compact container into a fully furnished and functional space with a kitchen, dining room, bathroom, bedroom, living room and library. [The Cool Hunter]
Man in coma after mosquito bite. [BBC]
The jewel-studded Vivienne Westwood collar for dogs that costs a small fortune. [ChinaDaily]
Rocks found in place of girl’s brand new iPod twice. [Star-Telegram]
Lithia woman caught with cat urine spends 50 days in jail. [Abc Action News]
This futuristic looking environmentally-friendly car is now on sale. [Inhabitat]
From a snippet of a patient’s skin, researchers have grown blood vessels in a laboratory and then implanted them to restore blood flow around the patient’s damaged arteries and veins. [New York Times]
7 ways your gadgets will make you sick. [Switched]
10 whatchamacallits and their real names. [Listverse]
Classic game themes orchestrated live. [LiveLeak]


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