More links for 11 Oct 2007

A sailboat-shaped fountain. [I've Seen Better]
Darth Vader flashlight. [OhGizmo!]
Motorcycle featuring 350 HP radial airplane engine. [Autoblog]
Expensive trainers are a waste of money - cheap ones are better, say scientists. [This Is London]
The first ever high-resolution images of Saturn's moon Iapetus. [National Geographic]
List of misleading food names. [Wikipedia]
Passionate kiss lands art lover in court. [Scotsman]
Supermarket shoppers may soon be cruising the aisles with "intelligent" trolleys that warn them if they're buying too much junk food, technology experts say. [Abc News]
New ways to play with an old hardware. [Dark Roasted Blend]
A documentary on the life of Buddha. [YouTube]
As the scary studies about plastic's health effects pile up, should we kick the habit? [Motherjones]