More links for 16 Oct 2007

A Swiss couple traveled around the world in 23 years. [Iol] Link to a picture of the couple (scroll down) [Weltrekordreise]
A weird ping pong match where the players are not playing to win. [YouTube]
Removing red wine stains with milk. [MetaCafe]
Switchbike: City bike and recumbent in one. [Fresh Creation via Boing Boing]
The voice behind Disney's cartoons. [YouTube]
Fish gets insomnia too. [Reuters]
Possum breaks record with year-long snooze. [New Scientist]
Superyacht for the sky officially launched. [Gizmag]
Are we missing a dimension of time? [Telegraph]
Sony Bravia ad (Pyramid). [Ads of the World]
Room color and how it affects your mood. [Freshome]
A visualization of the number of inhabitants per doctor around the world. [Ads of the World]
Bra that detects tumors. [Wired]
Woman fights off shark attack. [NZHerald]
English 'pull own teeth' as dental service decays. [Yahoo News]
Air bag-like jacket saves motorcyclist's life. With video! [Wbal]