More links for 18 Oct 2007

Cute hiccupping baby porcupine. [GiggleSugar]
Fright Night Cake. [YumSugar, Thanks Katie!]
Backpacker leaps on the back of high speed trains and rides them for the thrill. [Vidmax]
Early humans wore makeup, ate mussels. [Discovery]
Horrified parents have been told that maggots were served up in the curry their children were eating for school dinners. [Cambridge Evening News via Arbroath]
A person playing with what looks like a 'giant Yo-yo'. [YouTube]
7 worst killer plagues in history. [Oddee]
The world’s (un)luckiest man. [Neatorama]
A keyboard replacement that allows you to type while on the go. [Gizmodo]
Who Googles what? [Reuters]
The world's most dangerous sports. [Forbes]
Rock balancing pictures. [SlightlyWarped]
New York woman terrorized by 7 foot toilet Python. [NYDailyNews]
Astrophysicist replaces supercomputer with eight playstation 3s. [Wired]
How to cook food on your car's engine. [Wikihow]
Just how close are we to teleportation? [Cnn]
This is an amazing escape, his car is completely flattened under a truck, yet once the truck is pulled off his car he walks away with not even a scratch. [Videovat]
Create a wild portrait and share it with a friend. [Build Your Wild Self]