More links for 19 Oct 2007

In case of emergency call Shaolin monks. [ChinaDaily]
The world's tiniest radio is a step closer to reality. [Bbc]
Gold-plated Porsche. [LuxuryLaunches]
World’s first advertising sign system capable of emitting multiple aromas while displaying electronic images. [Pink Tentacle]
What's it like to dive through space at 700mph (1127km/h)? Soon we could all have a chance to find out. [DailyMail]
Military helicopter crew 'wrecked conservatory by flying down to ogle sunbathing au pair.' [This Is London]
Boy, 13, shot after officer mistakes cell phone for weapon. [SeattleTimes]
Man gets finger stuck in picnic table in lafayette. [Cbs4]
'Bionic' nerve to bring damanged limbs and organs back to life. [Physorg]
10 whimsical bicycle hacks. [Wired]
10 ways the world could end. [Ted]
Spy agency goes recruiting — in video games. [Msnbc]
Beijing designs high-tech Olympic torch that fears no wind, rain or thin air atop Everest. [Iht]
After an outbreak of pregnancies among middle school girls, education officials in this city have decided to allow a school health center to make birth control pills available to girls as young as 11. [Cnn]
New Chinese electric car. [AutoblogGreen]
An 8-year-old kid drives a car and performs a ‘sliding stunt’ with it. [LiveLeak]
A house that consumes no electricity at all and cools with ice made from sun. [Ecofriend, Thanks Pooja!]