More links for 22 Oct 2007

The most awesome and cute cake designs you will ever see. [Michellecakes]
Beautiful picture of an osprey lifting off with a fish in its claws. [Photo]
10 toxic household products.[Body-Philosophy]
A noisy parrot that likes to imitate sounds helped save a man and his son from a house fire by mocking a smoke alarm. [6News]
A plastic bottle with a secret compartment. [LiveLeak]
In Colombia, an unemployed man has sewn shut his mouth and locked himself behind an iron mask to demand the government attend to his family's desperate economic plight. [Boston]
Scientists say they have developed a safe way to administer the toxic gas carbon monoxide (CO) in a way that could help organ transplant patients. [Bbc]
New 150 million-year-old crab species discovered. [LiveScience]