More links for 25 Oct 2007

'Oldest' elephant a grouchy old woman. [Metro]
Weird and wonderful foreign phrases. [Mirror via Arbroath]
Park to play lets you use your car as a gaming joystick. With video! [Gizmodo]
Non-lethal mouse traps. [Dezeen]
Miss England told to 'fatten up' if she wants to win world title. [DailyMail]
Not letting her slight frame deter her, Sahin wielded an ax against a masked man who tried to rob her at gunpoint. With video! [Newsday]
Not content to carve their pumpkins in the traditional way, several divers carved jack-o'-lanterns more than 30 feet below the ocean's surface. [Cnn]
Polar dinosaur footprints found in Australian outback. [Foxnews]
Man tries to rob drug store, gets stuck in roof. [970wfla]
One person’s trash is another person’s lost masterpiece. [New York Times]