More links for 25 Oct 2007

Petrol station cashier tells armed robber she's too busy to deal with him. [DailyMail]
Another look at how to cook food on your car engine. [How To Do Things]
Test your eyesite on girls. [Entblogg]
An injured kitten was found with both legs severely injured but he just won’t give up. Cute little guy is inspirational. [Break]
Couch shaped like the head of a toothbrush. [Core77]
A journalist who took the first Airbus A380 superjumbo commercial flight which landed in Sydney said "The take-off was so quiet that if it was not for the applause and clapping I would not have noticed it had taken-off. It was that quiet. [DailyMail]
The hovercraft that is able to fly. [Stuff]
A can of dehydrated water! [Museum of Hoaxes]
The family of a Montenegrin man whose dying wish was to be buried with his cellphone are to dig him up again after discovering they had forgotten the SIM card. [Iol]
35 coolest bottle openers. [BizarreArea]
Experts have discovered a canal at an Aswan rock quarry that they believe was used to help float some of ancient Egypt's largest stone monuments to the Nile River. [National Geographic]
A 13th century koran has been sold at auction for a world record price of £1,140,500 ($2.3m). [LiveNews]
The 3000-year-old mystery of Tutankhamun is finally solved: He died in a hunting accident. [The Independent]
Couple get wedding photos after 27 years. [Cbs2]