More links for 27 Oct 2007

Doctors in China have saved the life of a woman who had 26 pins and needles inserted into her body when she was a child in an apparent attempt to change her sex to a boy. [Telegraph]
Could this 5-year old golf prodigy be the next Tiger Woods? With video! [SonnyRadio]
Stop motion recreation of the movie '300' using apples, bottles and other household foodstuffs. [YouTube]
There's no better location to view the Golden Gate Bridge than from a Coast Guard C-130 aircraft. [Airliners]
Scientists envision growing human eyeballs. [LiveScience]
The U.S. Postal Service has released a new postage stamp featuring Yoda, the Star Wars Jedi master popular with fans for both his wisdom and his odd syntax. [Wltx]
Naked sleepwalking on the increase. [The Age]
Some Neanderthals may have had fair skin and red hair, giving them an appearance resembling modern Europeans. [Stuff]
The clever computer that tells 21 stone teenage dieter: 'You've had enough.' [DailyMail]