More links for 30 Oct 2007

Go to the bathroom online. [I NeedToGo via 13gb]
The woman with 17 personalities. [Daily Herald]
5 scientific reasons a zombie apocalypse could actually happen. [Cracked]
Detailed Skeletal Sketches of Cartoon Characters. [MichaelPaulus via I-Am-Bored]
Sex is banned on the Airbus A380. [Times Online]
A Belgian inmate made a dramatic escape from jail for the fourth time Sunday evening after his armed accomplices landed in the prison grounds in a hijacked helicopter. [Reuters]
Cash windfall can lead to downfall. [Eagle Tribune]
A man has been placed on the sex offenders’ register after being caught trying to have sex with a bicycle. [Telegraph]
Beams of ultraviolet light could be used to destroy tumours following a breakthrough by British scientists. [This Is London]
Bizarre medical theories that experts claim may actually be true. [DailyMail]
A teen-ager speeding through a German town in a go-kart with seven squad cars in hot pursuit managed to give the frustrated officers the slip. [Reuters]