More links for 31 Oct 2007

Cinematic pumpkin carvings. [Slashfilm]
Some of the world's most famous meteorites have gone under the hammer at a New York auction house in what is said to be the first sale of its kind. [BBC]
Ghost touring on the increase. [Yahoo News]
People are human-bacteria hybrid. [Wired]
How to create a bra with your briefs. [Instructables]
20 things you didn't know about living in space. [Discover]
Sleeping pill wakes girl up from a six year coma. [DailyMail]
Optical illusions that make you fatter and your wallet lighter. [Wise Bread]
Church leader plans Lego statue of Christ. [Iol]
8 most harrowing tornado encounters ever caught on tape. [TheMishMash]
7-year-old crashes mini van. With video! [Wink News]