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Mystery Burning Hot Metal Crashes Through Car

Metal debrisDelaware State Police are investigating a mysterious piece of metal debris that fell through the roof of a car belonging to a bride-to-be Monday.

Police were called to the parking lot of Happy Harry's on Main Street in Stanton after reports of the unidentified falling metal object.

Witness at the scene said a twisted piece of metal over a foot long, which resembles a hook, fell through the roof of a car "like butter."

The car's owner, Susan Wilson, said the bizarre incident comes just days before she plans to walk down the aisle. "I'm getting married on Saturday, I don't need this happening to me right now. My wedding topper for my cake is sitting on my backseat," she said.

State Police are baffled by the origin of the burning hook-like object.

"It generated just a massive amount of heat so that's what we're really curious about," said Corporal Jeffery Whitmarsh. "How could something that was that large and that heavy, again, would have generated that kind of heat to have hit the top of that car and go right through the roof?"

No injuries were reported.

Video after the jump.

Source: Cbs3
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