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Mystery Man Leaves Trail of Stone Heads

Mystery RockPolice are on the trail of a shadowy figure who has been dumping giant carved stone heads on village doorsteps at dead of night in Britain.

The man has left at least 13 at locations 100 miles apart in Yorkshire at Goathland, near Whitby; Kilburn, near Thirsk; Arthington, outside Leeds, and a village near Selby.

But another delivery of three heads outside a village post office could solve the mystery, police hope. The mystery man was captured on CCTV in Braithwell, near Rotherham.

Each of the foot-high stones had the hand-written rhyme Twinkle, twinkle, like a star. Does love flourish from afar? taped to it.

There was also a symbol on the reverse similar to the religious "chi-rho" sign with letters added which also could spell the word "paradox".

Source: Telegraph
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