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Phoenix Pub Unveils Evidence of Ghosts

English pubAn English pub in Phoenix claims it has something few other pubs in the Valley can offer: ghosts.

David Wimberley, owner of the George and Dragon Pub at 4240 N. Central Ave., said his restaurant has recorded several strange events that are paranormal in nature. Wimberley said these events include glasses being thrown, names being called out, women being grabbed by invisible hands and bottles of beer exploding in midair.

Employees of the pub have backed up the claims of the owner, with several stories of their own. Keith Jackson, general manager of the pub, said he has experienced many of the alleged events. “Being poked in the back, having your hair pulled, it’s just really common,” Jackson said. “I refuse to be here by myself at night.”

West Coast Paranormal, a team of investigators that specializes in investigating alleged paranormal events, went to the Phoenix pub on Friday to investigate the claims by Wimberley and his staff. The crew managed to pick up voices on the recordings that Wimberley and Jackson claim are ghosts speaking to the crew.

You can hear the recording here.

A commenter on East Valley Tribune has this to say which kind of sums it all up:

Wimberley is attempting to drum up business for his pub, that's it. He's constantly complaining that the light rail construction has ruined his business due to customer shortages. Congrats' on getting your pub's name in the paper and shame on the EV Trib for falling for such an obvious ploy.

Source: East Valley Tribune
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