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Pontet-Canet USB Flash Drive

If you are a wine lover, this USB stick might come in handy. It has a storage capacity of 1 GB and contains Open Cellar, a wine management software. You can get it for $50.

Software that manages your wine collection perfectly and allows you to access it up even when you aren’t at home!

Open Cellar is so practical it gives you access to all the information with only a few clicks. The interface is pleasant and intuitive, wine forms are detailed and complete, with numerous reports and statistics. The web-based program offers even more features.

This USB flash drive also contains a guide to the Grand Cru from the Bordeaux area and their classification, a screensaver and wallpaper dedicated to wine, exclusive ringtones on wine for your mobile phone, and privileged access to the BeWineConnected Club.

Thanks, Emmanuel Etcheparre!

Source: BeWineConnected
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