Pooch Knows When You're about to Die

Libby the dogFirst, it’s Oscar the cat. Then it’s Scamp the dog. And here’s yet another dog called Libby who is also able to sense death.

When Libby the 14-year-old therapy dog enters the room, folks light up. It's when Libby plants her feet firmly on the ground and refuses to enter a room that things get more complicated.

Her owner says the therapy poodle knows when someone is about to die, NBC 10 medical reporter Cherie Bank reported.

"The first few times, I really didn't put it together," said Marge Stiller, the poodle's owner and trainer.

Stiller said when Libby won't pass the threshold, it's because "she has the ability to know -- I don't want to say predict -- know when a person is going to be passing away within 24 hours."

And Marge said Libby's track record is pretty "dog-gone" good, Bank reported.
"It's 100 percent. It's been 100 percent, yeah," Stiller said.

Researchers say dogs have an incredible sense of smell humans can only dream about. Dogs have already been proven to detect bladder cancer and breast cancer.

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