Rats Head in Canned Green Beans Found

"Severed rodent head" was not on Marianne Watson's lunch menu Sunday. But that's exactly what she thinks tumbled into her pot when she dumped out the contents of a can of green beans. "I didn't know what to do," she said. "I panicked. I was in total shock."

The can of green beans was one of four the Lehi resident purchased from an American Fork Wal-Mart on Friday. She said she opened two cans of beans, drained them, rinsed them and put them on the stove before she noticed something "awfully strange" nestled among the vegetables. She described the 1-inch remnant as "furry" and "toothy."

Watson, 49, said she was hovering above the toilet, ready to flush the offensive beans, when the horrifying thought came to her: "Where's the rest of this mouse?"

When she marched back into the store Monday afternoon to get some answers, there weren't any other cans from the same batch on the shelf. She feared they were already sold.

"I doubt I can eat that brand of green beans again with any peace of mind or ease of stomach," she said. "I get grossed out just thinking about it."

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Source: Deseret Morning News
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Anonymous said…
that is just unsanitary and wal mart neddds to be shut down period.

I feel so bad for that lady.
Anonymous said…
yeaah, walmart is just a bunch of rat pushers.always trying to get us to eat rats somehow.