Sleepwalker Who Fell Five Storeys and Survived

Dale BeckettA sleepwalking tourist cheated death when he fell more than 70ft (21 meter) from a fifth-floor hotel balcony in Spain.

Dale Beckett, 23, shattered his left foot, broke both legs, cracked a hip joint and two ribs, punctured both lungs and damaged his spleen and kidneys.

But, miraculously, he survived – partly by landing on the only patch of grass below his balcony, growing where a flagstone had been removed from a paved area.

The accident happened during a holiday with friends and family in Malaga last month. Dale, from Stanley, County Durham, recalled: "We'd been out for a couple of drinks and then gone to bed. My cousin said I just got up in the night and walked off the balcony."

Dale was discharged after three weeks.

Source: This Is London
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