Stretching Before You Exercise Is 'A Waste of Time'

WarmupStretching before exercise may be a waste of time, a study suggests. The elaborate limbering up routines favoured by many athletes and gym-goers do little to prevent muscle aches and stiffness, researchers found. Stretching muscles after exercise may be equally pointless, they say.

A team from the University of Sydney compiled the results of ten small scientific trials, each involving between 10 and 30 people.

These had examined the effects of stretching between 40 seconds and 600 seconds before exercise. "The 10 studies produced very consistent findings," said Dr Robert Herbert, from the school of physiotherapy at the university, in the journal Cochrane Review.

"They showed there was minimal, or no effect, on the muscle soreness experienced between half a day and three days after the physical activity."

Source: This Is London
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Anonymous said…
Stretching is not to alleviate pain in the coming days! Its to PREVENT
injuries from muscles that are too tight - DURING the event.

If muscles are too stiff, they can
actually spasm and cause strands to rip... or, will pull bones out of alignment.

Stretching b4 & after keeps the muscles loose and relaxed, which prevents injury.. and keeps muscles from being too tight and stiff.

Pains from use are a whole other ballgame. Its almost shocking at
the stupidity of the people who
actually thought up the study.

I weep for Humanity
Anonymous said…
I totally agree with you. These people just don't use their brains. A good workout is a safe workout !