Swimming With Killer Crocodiles

Swimming with killer crocodilesWelcome to the world of "Croc Cage Diving", the latest must-do experience for adrenaline junkies.

Something of a snip, but hopefully not a snap, at £20 ($40) for ten minutes, thrill seekers visiting Cango Wildlife Ranch, an endangered species breeding centre in Oudtshoom, South Africa, are informed by the organisers they will 'get close enough to see the crocodiles' toenails'.

The ranch claims to be the only place in the world to offer such close encounters. Daredevils are lowered in a reinforced steel cage by a crane into a crystal clear, purpose-built heated pool inhabited by Zimbakwe, a 14ft long Nile Crocodile, and his slightly smaller female companions Ma Baker and the somewhat disarmingly named Sweet Sue.

Participants wear their own swimming trunks or bikinis and use snorkelling gear instead of scuba equipment so anyone can have a go, although there is a minimum age of 12 and children under 16 must be accompanied by an adult during the dive.

Some of the cage sticks out above the surface of the 6ft deep water so divers can get a better view of the thrashing tails if they don't fancy spending all their time underwater.

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Swimming with killer crocodiles
Swimming with killer crocodiles
Swimming with killer crocodiles
Source: DailyMail
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