Toddler Saves Great-Grandmother after fall

Victor Goodin of Petoskey, Michigan isn't even 4 years old yet, but managed to call for help when his grandmother fell down.

Grace Breazeale describes what happened, " I started to go around the fence and took a step backwards and I couldn't feel anything under my right foot so I thought, well it's just a big hole, I'll finish putting my weight down on it, but there was no bottom to it." The next thing Breazeale knew, she was lying on the floor in pain, 7 feet below where she was gardening.

That's when her great grandson came running down to check on her. When Victor asked his great grandmother if she was o.k., she told him she was hurt badly and needed his help. Breazeale instructed the young boy about what he needed to do.

She said, " go in Granny's house and you go in Granny's bedroom and pick up Granny's telephone, and I said you know the red button on it, you pick it up and push the red button and talk to whoever answers the phone."

Here's part of that 9-1-1 call:
911- "9-1-1"
Victor- "Granny's hurt."
911- "How old are you?"
Victor- "3 1/2"
911- "You're 3 1/2? What happened to Granny?"
Victor- "She fell down."
911- "She fell down? Did she fall down the stairs?"
Victor- "No. She fell down outside."
911- "She fell down outside?"
Victor- "On a big hill."

Emergency crews were called to the scene and transported Breazeale to a local hospital.

Video: LiveLeak
Source: 9News
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