Trapped Toddler Rescued From Behind Dining Room Wall

A mother from Cumberland County, New Jersey, said she'll never look at a heating duct the same way after finding her young son inside one.

On Sunday morning, Kahn's 18-months-old son, Patrick, somehow got past a grate and plummeted 10 feet down the ductwork of the family's Millville home. The toddler ended up trapped behind a wall after falling from the bedroom he shares with his brother to the dining room one floor below.

"I thought I was going to lose him. I thought he was going to suffocate," Kahn said. "It was the scariest day of my life." "He was crying. It was one of the one times, I really didn’t mind him crying," said the boy's father, Paul Blakeslee.

Blakeslee called 911. Millville firefighters soon arrived and began tearing apart the wall, first with their hands, then cutting tools.

"About a foot above the baby's head is where we cut the duct work open. He was wedged down inside the bottom," said firefighter Doug Hallquist, with the Millville Fire Department. "As soon as I touched him on the of the head, his left arm immediately went up in the air looking for someone to grab him."

Within 10 minutes, Patrick was free, and amazingly, unscathed.

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