Wife Carrying Contest

Wife Carrying ChampionshipsBy a margin of only a third of a second, a Boston couple claimed victory at the 8th annual North American Wife Carrying Championships held Saturday at Sunday River Ski Resort.

"We could never expect something this good," said Keith Cardoza after successfully bringing Julia Stoner, his girlfriend of six months, through the 253.3 meter course.

Saturday's competition saw varying numbers entrants. Forty teams registered, though only 34 made it to the starting line. Most teams were from New England, though there were also couples from New York, Virginia and California.

Participants do not need to be related, but teams need to be made up of one man and one woman, both over the age of 21. Wives are allowed to carry husbands, though no teams chose that option this year.

Contestants competed in pairs over a course that sloped gradually at the beginning. Teams also had to negotiate two 3-foot high wooden hurdles and a 10-meter-long pit of muddy, waist-deep water.

Most teams practiced the "Estonian carry," where the woman hangs down the man's back so his arms are free to negotiate obstacles.

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Wife Carrying Championships
Wife Carrying Championships
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