Woman Gives Up Car for Lost Dog

Pork ChopA San Antonio woman was willing to give up her convertible sports car to get her bulldog back and she did just that. No questions asked.

Last Thursday, Pork Chop, a two year old English bulldog, disappeared from Latasha's front yard. She immediately put out a 500 dollar cash reward but had no luck.

So she switched gears and offered up one of her most prized possessions. A customized 19-96 ford mustang convertible which she spent thousands of dollars on had just finished paying off.

But she was willing to part ways with it because in her eyes Pork Chop is more important. "I just want to instill the value in my children that family is the most important thing beyond any material item,” she said.

On Wednesday night, Latasha got a call from a man who said he found the dog near her house. He came over and sure enough, he had pork-chop. The man didn't even tell Latasha his name but she kept her promise.

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