Woman Trapped In Car As It Dangles Precariously Over a Bridge

It's the kind of thing you've seen countless times in the movies. But for Brian and Roslyn Fields, it was a real life cliffhanger. Both are alive to tell the tale but it didn't always appear that would be the outcome after they set off on a holiday in Queensland, Australia.

The couple was towing a trailer near the rural town of Crows Nest, when their car hit a bumpy road and flipped over right at the end of a bridge. The vehicle was left dangling there in a precarious position, with even a small movement the difference between having it fall 60 feet to a creek below or staying in place. Only a hardwood beam that punctured the car held it in place.

It swung there like a pendulum between life and death as Bryan scrambled out of the rig with the help of rescue crews. But his wife was in a far more perilous position. She was unable to get out and was trapped inside the car for what felt like an eternity, as workers gingerly attempted to cut her out of it.

They finally got her free by peeling off the roof and the duo is breathing a huge sigh of relief at their narrow escape. They've cut their vacation short to return home and recover, but vow the accident won't deter them - and they'll be back on the road again as soon as possible.

Video: Reuters
Source: Citynews
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