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12-Year-Old Saves Mom's Life, Stops Moving Car

Sandy Miranto is alive because of her two sons, 12-year-old Jaime and 7-year-old Jayden.

It started out as one of those routine moments in life, the devoted mother grabbed her keys and put her four kids in the car. She was taking her son Jaime to play street hockey.

Jayden Miranto describes what happened when they got in the car, "We back up and she just puts her hand on her head says 'ow' and then her head just goes down." Sandy slumped over the steering wheel. The car was still rolling down the driveway.

"I put my hand on the pedal and turned off the car," says Jaime Miranto calmly.

He says he didn't think, just acted. His foot could not reach the pedal, so he climbed down and used his hand to press the brake. Then, he shut off the car and yelled for brother Jayden to call 911.

Jaime ran to a neighbor's house, who called an ambulance. Then, together they moved Sandy out of the car and Jayden brought his 3-year-old twin sisters in the house.

Source: Wgrz
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