6 Year Old "Deerslayer"

They call him the “Deerslayer.” He’s a six year old from Beebe who's already bagged 6 deer, in his lifetime.

Hunter Orman is your typical 6 year old kid; he likes video games and four wheelers. But there is something that makes him stand out. His nickname is the “Deerslayer.” That's because this first grader has already taken 6 deer since last year. His biggest, a 140 pound doe.

A young man of few words, Hunter does have some advice for his fellow hunters. "Be quiet, and practice." Which he does plenty of.

Video: LiveLeak
Source: Fox16
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Anonymous said…
I find this *so sick* that the media can glorify the killing of animals (5 or 6 deer and an unspecified number of turkeys) by a 6 year old. The beaming father, proud of the slaughter, is obnoxious. Just goes to prove the feeble-minded and inbred are usually at the wrong end of the gun!
Anonymous said…
I couldn't have said it better myself. I'm teaching my 6 year old about the preservation of life, not the destruction of it.

One thing I'd like to point out though, is that if you watch the CNN clip, you'll notice there's no lack of money with the Orman's, so the inbred / redneck thing wouldn't apply IMO.

Strange that the parents of this money level would be proud of such a feat.

I do find comfort in knowing that the 'Hunters' of the world are dwindling. Finally - change for the better.