'Air-Conditioned' Shoes Could Stop Foot Odour

'Air-Conditioned' ShoesA new range of shoes with inbuilt mini 'air-conditioning units' could stamp out foot odour, designers claim.

The uppers suck in air through tiny holes in the laces and sole which then circulates around the feet. A pump under the heel pushes the air back out through the sole when the wearer takes a step forward.

The makers claim the system provides a constant cool wind-stream around the foot which could prevent moisture and bacteria from building up between the toes, giving fungal infections and athletes' foot the boot.

The Breezewalk shoes can be worn in all weathers thanks to a membrane over the holes which allows air in but stops rain from making your socks wet.

Podiatrists created the $50 shoes for a Californian innovation company, Gadget Universe.

Source: Gadget Universe via Telegraph
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