Cat Rescued After Getting Stuck In Tin

Cat with its head stuck in a tinAn inquisitive cat has used up one of its nine lives after getting its head stuck fast in an abandoned tin of cat food.

The puss ran into trouble when it tried to make the most of the free meal in Headington, Oxford. An RSPCA officer performed a delicate rescue operation, cutting the tin from the cat's head.

The fearless mouser licked its lips and walked away uninjured from the incident - no doubt with a full stomach.

An RSCPA spokesman said: "This cat wasn't going to let the risk of getting stuck keep him from food.”Luckily, the can had no rough edges and he made a clean getaway."

It is believed the tin had been left lying around as rubbish, prompting the RSPCA to warn about the dangers of litter.

Source: Sky
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