Cat Survives Behind Cupboard for 6 Weeks

A woman had given up hope of seeing her cat again after it went missing for six weeks - only to find it had been stuck behind a cupboard the entire time.

Jessie Sculpher, from Barmston, East Yorkshire, had only had Tabitha for three days when she disappeared.

Six weeks later Mrs Sculpher heard scratching coming from behind a cabinet beneath her bathroom sink, and found the cat trapped behind.

Vets think Tabitha survived by licking condensation off the plumbing.

After being treated by vets seven-year-old Tabitha was allowed home and has made a full recovery.

Mrs Sculpher said: "She's frightened of strangers but she still tries to get in every cupboard she can."

Source: BBC
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Joanne Casey said…
It was hiding from the senile old lady who kept mistaking it for a slipper.
Spluch said…
Haha! That's a good one! :)