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Collapsed Man's Car Targeted By Meter Maid

Altrincham General HospitalA parking attendant sprang into action when a man collapsed outside Altrincham General Hospital - by trying to slap a ticket on the victim's car.

The diligent warden came upon the scene after the man, who is diabetic, had keeled over in a car outside the hospital entrance.

Nurses ran out to help the man after his driver had dashed into the hospital to ask for assistance, and an ambulance was called.

But the intrepid meter maid spotted that the driver had pulled up in an ambulance bay - and was not about to show any leeway.

Undeterred by the frantic activity going on around her, the parking attendant repeatedly tried to issue a parking ticket.

She ignored protests and explanations as she pressed on - and even continued to issue a ticket after the ambulance arrived and the paramedics took over the care of the patient, according to a shocked observer.

The witness, who does not want to be named, said: "She finally did not give a ticket - but it took two ambulance men and the driver to persuade her that this guy had collapsed.

Source: Cheshire
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